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"Lifeblood, the indispensable factor that gives all of Aetherius strength and vitality."

The World of Aetherius is a strange one, but one full of wonder, adventure, and if you look in the right places, danger and despair. It's as old as it is vivid, culturally rich and filled to the brim with opportunity. Many of it's countries and settlements thrive, both off of the land and in commerce with one another, and it's people live in harmony. But that harmony is quite uneasy. With the right events at just the right times, things could become... slightly chaotic.

Uncertainty aside, this world has much to offer. The country of Novae Holus (one of Aetherius' largest, I might add), is one of the populated centers of Aetherius. It is a hub for trade and technological development, and a beacon for hope to travelers wandering the seas, The land of Fyfe is another beast. One with a longstanding heritage, but only a comparatively recently formed governing power, it takes a certain breed of man to live within it's borders. But beyond Novae Holus lies a land few have dared to enter: the Hollowlands. Very mysterious, and very deadly. Those who venture in usually don't come back out. At least, not with their sanity intact.

One thing that all of these lands have in common is their desire for Lifeblood, a mysterious liquid that seeps from various rare plants, and even some creatures. Lifeblood has many magical properties that make it's use very versatile. Legend says that Novae Holus' 3rd Ruler, Halicrus Melmidoc, used Lifeblood to make sure that his skill in combat was unrivaled. Others, though, have found that Lifeblood has no effect on them or anything that they do. Even so, Lifeblood is without a doubt the most valuable thing in the World of Aetherius.

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