Knight gauldus

The Tower of Dark Obsession

Through the deep woods, and in the jagged embrace of the mountains (which woods and which mountains are, of course, completely up to you), sits a dark stone tower in which a lonely madman conducts endless experiments.

In brighter days, he was a Knight of proud Nerath. He was happy and very much in love, and his rule was just and kind. Until the night his lovely daughter was taken from him by a foul Necromancer, and sequestered in this dark tower of stone.

The Knight pursued the Necromancer through the dark, tangled woods, where the trees themselves seemed eager for blood. Indeed, the black-barked trees seemed to reach out for him as he rode the winding trail leading to the tower. (The trees are not truly animated, but they act as an "impediment trap" for those approaching the tower, slowing movement and inflicting scratches and scrapes).

The Knights entry into the tower was blocked by a small contingent of heavily armed undead soldiers, quite resilient and tough (Zombies or Flesh Golems depending on your PC group's level). He fought his way through them and into the tower, where a myriad of horrors assailed him. Twisted creatures stitched together from the pieces of the dead of many Races; a Human head with a Hill Giant's hand instead of a body, a six-armed woman made from several "sources", and so forth.

Eventually he found, fought, and slew the Necromancer, glad to have ended the vile monster's threat to his lands. He took the wizard's amulet as a prize.

And then he found his daughter. Or at least, what of her was left. Resting in a large, glass jar, suspended in some kind of fluid, was his daughter's severed head. As he approached the table where the jar rested, she opened her eyes and mouthed "Father!"

His mind snapped.

For at least a hundred years, the fallen Knight has studied the Necromantic Arts, in a vain attempt to bring his daughter back to true life. His possession of the amulet has made him the master of the myriad undead and golems created by the Necromancer...and those he has himself created since then.

In that time, his humanity has been lost. While his daughter has watched in helpless horror, the Knight has gone ever more mad. Now it is -he- who sends out his scurrying, shambling minions, out into the night to bring back fresh "material" for him to experiment and work on.

Who can stop him? And what will be the eventual fate of the poor girl trapped in the jar that keeps her pretty head in a semblance of life; able to see and hear and dream, but unable to speak or touch again...

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